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Get your business noticed with the right SEO strategy

July 1, 2013 Posted by admin

Get your business noticed with the right SEO strategyWhether you own a small business, a start up, or have a long time brick and mortar location, if you do not have a web presence you are missing out on potential customers. Now, if you do have a website and you are not experiencing a flood of traffic to your site, you have one problem – poor search engine optimization, also known as SEO. SEO is an essential aspect of online businesses as well as brick and mortar stores. If you have a product that people want, they are going to go online and look for the product, and if your site does not pop right up, they will buy from someone else. SEO’ing a website will allow it pop up on the first page of a search engine when your product is searched for. There are a few things that a site administrator can do to make a website more visible to potential clients.

Make Sure Your Site Can Be Indexed

The first, and most important, aspect of making sure your site is visible is to allow it to be indexed. There are settings in many site builders that allow the site to be “crawled” by “spiders.” These spiders scour through every word and picture on your website to determine what the content is about. If the site you have built is about blue widgets, you want it to come up for blue widgets, not red or yellow widgets. If your site is about blue widgets and in your settings you are blocking spiders, your site won’t show up at all.

Chose Relevant Keywords

The next big part of making sure your site is optimized is to choose keywords that are going to sell what you are selling. Analyzing keywords can be tedious and time consuming, however, it can pay huge dividends later on. Using the example from above, if you are selling blue widgets, you want to go onto a keyword analysis site such as Google keyword tool and type that term in. If you find out that more people are looking for “buy blue widgets” or “blue widget review” then you need to optimize your site around those keywords since those are the terms people are using. If you choose keywords that aren’t being searched for, your traffic is going to be minimal at best. Click here for more info about SEO.

Choosing the right keywords

June 19, 2013 Posted by admin

Choosing the right keywordsKeywords & Marketing

One of the most effective and direct methods of marketing your products to a particular audience, is through the use of keywords. These are specific words that have a sense of command behind them, and which accurately portray your product in as few words as possible for maximum impact. Now, with the ever spreading reach of the internet, keywords also help search engines to find your content. Therefore, keywords also serve the function of optimizing the search engine visibility of your product, and good ones will quickly and easily assist you with spreading awareness of your products.

Finding Keywords

The first step in implementing the use of keywords into your marketing & sales repertoire is to begin putting conscious effort into discovering what particular keywords will have the maximum impact on the greatest number of people. It will be necessary to invest some of your time in studying how a particular target audience uses speech. How does a group of people communicate with one another? Click here for more info about keywords.

Why Most People Fail To Rank Their Video

June 13, 2013 Posted by admin

A video is a powerful marketing tool. The sad truth is most business owners never see their videos rise to the top of organic search results. Without a high-ranking video, a business owner will gain sparse amounts of traffic from the video. For this reason, a site owner must have a solid SEO campaign to gain the necessary traffic. Just like with a website, a video needs SEO. When done properly, a business owner can see their video rank on the first page of the leading search engines. In the end, when ranking videos, a business owner will see a lot more traffic for the site. Watch youtube video youtube and seo.

Why video SEO is as important as website SEO

June 10, 2013 Posted by admin

Almost anyone with a website knows the importance of SEO. Unfortunately, people that host videos do not understand the importance as well as site owners. Luckily, a site owner can easily use a few easy methods to bring in many visitors to his or her videos. When bringing in visitors, the site owner will see his or her website traffic skyrocket.

One must remember that a video hosted on the Internet is a powerful marketing piece. At the same time, one must remember that without visitors, a video will not bring in revenue. Simply put, SEO will do wonders for a video. Watch a video optimization seo video.

Why it is easy to rank a video highly on the search engines

May 27, 2013 Posted by admin

Website SEO is extremely competitive. This means that it is difficult for most site owners to rank on the first pages of the leading search engines. On the other hand, a business owner who hosts videos can exploit this fact. When running a search engine optimization plan on videos, a business can bring in many visitors who will convert into customers.

While most site owners will never get on the firs page of Google or Bing .Video owners can easily get their page in the top five results without too much work. This is because video SEO is not as competitive. Click here for a youtube video seo video optimization.

Why People fail to make money with marketing videos

April 30, 2013 Posted by admin

A lot of people fail to make money with a video. The reason is; most website owners neglect to do any SEO on their videos. When a site owner has a proper campaign for his videos, the site owner will see a solid amount of traffic come to the site. Many business owners do SEO on their own while others hire a qualified business. When running an SEO campaign, a site owner should see a massive jump in traffic in a short amount of time. Remember, a video ranking on the first page of Google is worth a lot of money. View youtube video seo for youtube.

Why wait, Video Ranker is available

April 22, 2013 Posted by admin

Are you disappointed because your videos are not appearing in the top search spot? Well you do not have to be disappointed any longer because with Video Ranker your video will be in the top three search spots. Its really simple all you do is create a You Tube video, and add a description to that video. In about ninety days on average you will see your views improving and more people viewing your videos. This will not only encourage you to do another video, but it will place Video Ranker in high regards. Video Ranker can help you now. Watch a video of video search engine optimization.

The Endless Uses of Youtube in 2012

April 4, 2013 Posted by admin

The Endless Uses of Youtube in 2012The website Youtube has become an international sensation, allowing users from all over the world to post and view videos, either professionally or user made. Youtube has always been popular for homemade videos, and some have even gone viral. Youtube is also a popular way to view music videos or “how-to” tutorials. You tube has become an increasingly popular way to catch the latest headline grabbing news story. In 2012, there was an increase of videos posted regarding different political viewpoints; this of course was due to it being an election year. Throughout 2012 Youtube continued to be the most popular way to find out about the latest conspiracy or scandal, viral video, news story, hot new music video, tutorial, and comedic spoofs. Learn more about Youtube.