How Blogbal Allowed Me To Live Off My Blogging

February 20, 2013 Posted by admin

blogbal_blog_listI had set out on a quest to become a successful blogger and really put my heart into it. I would blog everyday, making sure to consistently produce new content. While I didn’t care about the very low viewership at first, it started to get to me after awhile when I found that almost no people at all were viewing my blog. I thought that if I was going to put all this work into producing quality content that people should have the pleasure of at least viewing it.
So I decided to try a variety of methods to help market my blog. While I wasn’t really too worried about making money off of my blog, I just wanted to find a way that would increase its exposure so that more people could enjoy reading what I wrote. So I decided to pay a little bit of money to advertise my blog and submitted it to various blog directories.
One of these blog directories happened to be called blogbal. While it is a free blog directory, I noticed that its layout seemed to show a lot of promise. There was a lot of other bloggers who had previously submitted their blog to this website so I decided to give it a go. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my blogging career.
Immediately after submitting my blogs I received several emails from prospective private clients enquiring about my writing services. After awhile I found that my blog was gaining me so much attention that I no longer had to worry about having enough writing work. While I did utilize a variety of other methods promoting my blog later, is what gave me the initial push to success with my blog. I would recommend blogbal to any blogger that is serious about their craft.