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MV Orion 6th to 13th August 2012

August 28, 2012 Posted by admin

This week Orion welcomed a group of 23 Singaporeans who were all onboard to celebrate Singapore’s Birthday on the 9th of August. Due to the lack of manta action the previous week in Baa atoll, the group elected to go to Ari, as Alex promised them Whalesharks and Grey Reef Sharks, and famous Maaya Thila night dive.

fish nightdive Maya thila Ari MV Orion 6th to 13th August 2012

Swarm of fish at night dive Maya thila


Dive Day 1, saw the check dive at Kurumba Faru, with a gentle drift, which invited to the reef a couple of Black Tip Reef Sharks, and an interesting highlight of a Titan Trigger eating an Octopus, which proceeded to squirt ink everywhere, this then attracted a further three black tips which started chasing the Trigger away and then returning to devour the remains of the octopus. The 2nd dive was at Lankan Manta Point but sadly without mantas, however two turtles, a big napoleon, and a dogtooth tuna entertained the crowd. For the third dive the group went to a favourite of the dive guides, Nassimo Thila. There was a small incoming current, which attracted a Napoleon family of four, a big grey reef shark (Mario), a turtle on topreef, three big tunas hunting fusiliers, masses of giant trevally, big schools of longfin bannerfish, red snapper, midnight snapper, fusiliers all over the place, to sum it up, a great dive!

Grey I MV Orion 6th to 13th August 2012

Grey Reef Shark at Pannettone


That night Orion crossed to Ari Atoll, where we had the first dive at Omadhoo Thila, with beautiful blue water, a nice drift, a grey reef shark, two white tip reef sharks, a big napoleon, and two turtles. The 2nd dive was at Kudarah Thila, with two napoleons, two turtles, masses of fusiliers and blue lined snapper, octopus, a couple of nice nudibranch, and a timid mantis shrimp. Machchafushi’s House-reef played host for the 3rd dive of the day at Kudhi Maa Wreck, where the group were enthralled by three huge stonefish, and a very cute black leaf-fish.

Dive day 3, began with a nice dive at Five Rocks, where a couple of barracudas, a napoleon, a turtle, a few colourful nudibranch welcomed the group for the start of Singapore’s National Day. After breakfast the crew managed to find a 6m Whaleshark and everyone got ready to snorkel. After jumping in the Whaleshark hung around with the group for upto 30mins before wading off on its merry way. While snorkelling with the whaleshark we bumped into Lorenzo, Nadia and Luca from the previous weeks trip, who were also having a whale of a time icon wink MV Orion 6th to 13th August 2012

After a short water break everyone was ready for the 2nd dive of the day at Maamigili Beyru. By luck the group dropped in onto the path of another whale shark, which they saw again in the middle and at the end of the dive, or was it 3 different Whalesharks? Who can be sure? The final dive of the day was at the magnificent Radhdhiggaa Thila where a group of grey reefs and white tips circled the team for a few minutes, before 3 huge dogtooth tunas heated up the action and got all the fish swimming wild. Towards the end of the dive wasthe beautiful soft coral overhangs, and the top reef full of healthy Tabletop Coral and three turtles, what a great dive site! While the group were off diving, the crew were hard at work setting up base on Rahdhigga Island for the BBQ dinner complete with Sand castle Whaleshark to remind them of the great sightings earlier in the day. Beautiful to finish the day under the stars in good company.

Dive day 4 openned the way to the famous “Panettone” with its grey reef sharks, a big napoleon, an eagle ray, and a few white tip reef sharks on the reef-top. Dive 2 was at “Fish Head”, with a lonely grey reef shark, a white tip reef shark, 2 turtles, 3 mantis shrimp, and masses of fish, including blue fin jacks & giant trevally chasing fusiliers, making for some entertaining action. The 3rd dive was the world famous Maaya Thila night dive, and as usual it didnt fail to impress and leave people awestruck. The 3 stonefish that enrico found the previous week were still there, and while pointing them out, a stingray swam straight between Heiko and the reef! Add to this the resident white tip reef sharks and the odd grey reef sharks all hunting with the divers lights, and it made for the usual spectacle that brings people back time after time.

barracuda 2 Maaya Thila Ari Atoll MV Orion 6th to 13th August 2012

A big old Barracuda at Maya Thila


The morning dive on dive day 5 took the group to Hafsa Thila, where there was one grey reef shark and one white tip reef shark on the top reef getting cleaned, while in the deeper section at one point four grey reef sharks were circling around a white tip reef shark. There must have been at least 10 dog-tooth tunas hunting fusiliers, amazing action, and to finish it off the usual baby white tips under the table coral on the reef top snuggled up to each other. After lunch Orion cruised to Rasdhoo, for a dive on Rasdhoo Madivaru, where they saw a big grey reef shark, a couple of white tip reef sharks swimming and resting, a huge napoleon, an eagle ray (Enrico), and what Heiko described as “probably biggest dogtooth tuna I have ever seen, a monster!”

The final diving day started with the early morning blue dive in Rasdhoo in the hunt for Hammerheads. Unfortunately no Hammerheads today, but still a beautiful dive to wake oneself up.

Dive 2 took the group back to Lankan Manta Point, where they were entertained for an entire hour dive by 2 Mantas getting cleaned by tiny wrasse on the cleaning station! What a gorgeous sight for all to behold.

To finish the trip Banana Reef provided a gentle, colourful dive full of fish and good healthy coral.

Until next time, Dive Safe!!

MV Orion Team

Alex, Ksenia, Mario, Heiko, Enrico and the crew!





MV Orion 6th to 13th August 2012 is a post from: Maldives Blog

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Faafu Atoll Maldives – Idyllic Beauty and Spectacular Diving

August 14, 2012 Posted by admin

Poets of long have forgotten to sing of the beauty of the undersea world, except for some wildly imaginative stuff upon mermaids. And here’s a look at why Maldives is one of those places on earth that these people would have derived their inspiration out of.

Imagine a world where there’s absolute silence except for the subtle whispers of a breeze or a quite sigh from a waves washing over coralline sand. Miles away from any sort of industrial set up, Faafu Atoll is one of the few places in the Maldives that’s only accessible by chartered seaplanes or boats, and has a handful of resorts.

Staying in a quiet guesthouse here, or just dropping by on a custom itinerary plan on some safari boats is probably the best way to experience Faafu Atoll, if you don’t have bottomless pockets like some others do, who end up visiting one of the most exclusive resorts in the Maldives, The Rania Experience.

Of course, if you want to play nice and experience the reality instead of holing up on an island with your own chef, masseuse and six bungalows and a private 86ft long yacht dubbed “Rania”, the Maldives offers just that. In fact, sitting on a homemade rope swing hung on a tree by the beach on, say, the inhabited island of Nilandhoo amounts to hmm… just about the same as doing exactly just that, superstar style.

Faafu atoll2 Faafu Atoll Maldives   Idyllic Beauty and Spectacular Diving

So, what’s under the sea?

Most of the dive spots in Faafu atoll are for the experienced divers, with just one spot for beginners and a protected marine area. This means you’ll need a little bit more safety equipment, but the trade is quite worth it. Faafu atoll dive

spots offers a sense of unspoiled beauty and solitude rarely seen elsewhere in the Maldivian archipelago, or for that matter, the world.

The protected marine area in this atoll is the channel between Filitheyo island resort and an island called Maavaruhuraa. The two kilometer wide stretch of water has strong currents during changing tides, so the right timing is crucial, unless you want a bit of a challenge.

There are three dive areas here. One is the outer reef of Filitheyo island resort, another is the undersea promontory jutting out of Maavaru hura, called the Dolphin Corner. Either of these reefs can be your starting point, again, depending on the tides. In the middle, there’s the Filitheyo Thila, a beautiful reef that rises out of the middle of the floor of the channel at 35 meters depth, all the way to breaking the surface at very low tides.

The navigation around here is tricky, and some prefer to view the sites in multiple dives. The Filitheyo Island reef area is a beautiful reef with some stepping stones leading the way gracefully down to a depth of about 30 meters. Several caves are located at various depths on the south eastern façade, inhabited by batfish, a few varieties of snapper and sweetlips. The Dolphin Corner is quite similar, except that the aquatic life here is relegated to various kinds of corals, sponges and featherstars. Towards the ocean, one can see white tip reef sharks lurking about while towards the atoll on the leeward side, one can find Moorish idols, lightly colored surgeons and other gentle reef fish who take sanctuary in the gentler currents.

The main event of course, is the Filitheyo Reef. Shaped like a rectangle with a missing corner, the reef has a profusion of caves all around, populated mainly by surgeon. Below on the floor, you’ll find eagle rays and sting rays, and the schools of fish catching a break in the middle of the rectangle are a sight to behold.

Would you like to dive in Faafu atoll ? check out our special offers and itineraries. And for more information about diving in the Maldives do not hesitate to contact us 

And in between dives…

There are several historical places to visit in Faafu atoll. If you’re lucky enough to be on Filitheyo island resort, you’ll find an ancient graveyard not far from the reception area of the resort. One of those intricately carved headstones is the tomb of the so-called “Filitheyo Ismail”, who was believed to be a mage, of sorts. There are tales of villagers leaving tributes to the mage near his tombstone, believing that it would bring good fortune. Strangely, most of these tributes do get acknowledged by some mysterious force…

Then there’s the old mosque of Biledhdhoo island, which is believed to be built right on top of a Buddhist shrine. Also, don’t forget to check out the administrative capital of the atoll, the Nilandhoo Island. A raised area in the island once had about seven Buddhist temples, which were destroyed around the middle of the 12th century, when the idols where destroyed or buried, and the masonry was used to construct what became the second mosque ever to be built in the Maldivian islands. Some of the stonework still persist, and suggest that the religion was similar to the Hounen Fertility Festival in Japan.

The Maldivian people used to be Buddhists before all the population was converted into following the Islamic religion. Eons of relics were destroyed and hidden, in a largely successful attempt to forgetting the roots of what could possibly be one amongst the oldest civilizations on Earth.

Would you like to dive in Faafu atoll ? check out our special offers and itineraries. And for more information about diving in the Maldives do not hesitate to contact us

Faafu Atoll Maldives – Idyllic Beauty and Spectacular Diving is a post from: Maldives Blog

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MV Orion Trip Report – 30th July to 6th August 2012

August 11, 2012 Posted by admin

MV Orion got the new season off to a good start with 22 lovely guests from around the world. It was an eclectic mix of British, Taiwanese, French, Dutch, Swiss, Russian and American guests, with everyone getting on well, sharing stories and experiences from around the globe.

New: four languages on board Orion

Orion also welcomed Heiko as a new Instructor onboard. Heiko has just completed 2 years on Monsoon in the Northern Atolls of the Maldives, and is looking forward to tucking into the diving in the Central and Southern Atolls with us onboard Orion. With the addition of Heiko, Orion now offers German, Italian (Enrico), and Russian(Ksenia) Languages, however English is still the main language spoken onboard.

MV Orion Port Side MV Orion Trip Report    30th July to 6th August 2012

Orion on the way to a new diving cruise in Baa, Rhasdhoo and Ari Atoll


Nassimo Thila is a real treat for photographers

Day 1 saw us trying our luck at Lankan Manta Point for the check dive, unfortunately the Mantas alluded us this time, however the dive was still very pleasant for a first dive of the trip. Dive 2 was at the beautiful Nassimo Thila, with its gorgeous soft coral boulders and overhangs, teeming with Fusiliers being chased by the Giant Trevally which were out in numbers. We also had a very friendly turtle and a few big schools of Yellow Blue-lined Snapper, Nassimo Thila is a real treat for photographers. The final dive of the day took us to Finger Point on the North Western side of North Male Atoll. Finger point is a Pinnacle that stretches out from the main reef of the channel wall, and is a Marine Protected Area. With it being the South West Monsoon, the current predominantly comes into the Atoll from the west, which brings in clean water from the Indian Ocean for dive sites on the Western sides of Atolls. This meant that this dive had nice clear water, and we saw an Eagle Ray, a Feather-tail Ray, 6 White Tip Reef Sharks and copious amounts of fish.

Crossing over to Baa atoll on day two

We then crossed over night to Hanifaru in Baa Atoll. The 1st dive of the 2nd diving day was at Dhonfanu Thila, which produced a real treat with 2 Dolphins swimming around us at the end of the dive. This was just the icing on the cake on an already very pleasant dive, full of Fusiliers being chased by big Dogtooth Tuna, and Giant Trevally. The 2nd Dive was at Dharavandhoo Thila, which again provided massive volumes of fish, but the main highlight would have been the giant Black-blotched Ray, that followed the group around for the final 20mins of the dive. Both Dhonfanu and Dharavandhoo are potential Manta cleaning stations, however they did produce any Mantas that day so for the third dive we decided to go outside Hanifaru’s Reef and hunt for Mantas and Whalesharks, as it’s common to find them feeding there. Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck so we carried on to Kihaad Thila and did a very pretty dive there, with its magnificent soft coral and tasty looking Lobster.


Orion private deck MV Orion Trip Report    30th July to 6th August 2012

Orion Executive Suite private deck


Thilas and reefs in Baa Atoll

Day 3 started off with Dhigu Thila, Dhigu in Dhivehi means long and thin, and that is exactly what this Pinnacle is. Dhigu Thila is well known for its overhangs, and plentiful Gorgonian Sea Fan, and is also a potential Manta Cleaning Station. This time only Alex’s group were lucky enough to see a Manta in passing, a majestic sight, as ever. For the 2nd dive we moved to next to Soneva Fushi Island Resort for Nelivaru Thila, and on this dive, Enrico and Heiko’s group saw 2 Mantas cleaning, and Alex’s group saw a very nice Guitar Shark up close resting on the sandy bottom. We repeated Nelivaru Thila for the 3rd dive of the day, in the hope of seeing more Mantas, but to no avail.

On Day 4 we started with Dhengali Haa Thila near by Royal Island Resort, and it was a beauty, full of Fusiliers, Giant Trevally, Turtles, Porcelain Shrimp, and heaps of Anemone’s with their cute little Clown Fish and some tricky to photograph little crabs inside them.

Seven hours crossing from Baa to Rasdoo Atoll

On the night of the 4th day of diving we began the 7hr crossing from Baa to Rasdoo Atoll. We did 2 very rewarding dives on Rasdhoo Madivaru reef with Eagle Rays the entire 2nd dive, and at one point 12 together. There were also Grey Reef Sharks, a big school of Jacks, Big Dogtooth Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse and White Tip Reef Sharks resting in the sand. For the 3rd dive of the day we went to Alex’s favourite dive site in Ari Atoll, Hafsa Thila. In the briefing Alex promised Grey Reef Sharks, circling, and baby White Tip Reef Sharks resting on the top of the Pinnacle under the table coral, as well as so many fish he described it as fish soup. And it didnt fail to delived, there were 5 Grey Reef Sharks on the top reef, lots of White Tips resting, and a school of at least 8 massive Dogtooth Tuna patrolling the reef intimidating the he Jacks, Fusiliers, Blue-lined Snapper and any other fish that got in their way.


Orion napoleo wrasse MV Orion Trip Report    30th July to 6th August 2012

Napoleon Wrasse portrait and the Dhoni leather – end of a good dive


Maaya Thila: A great 73min night dive from which no one wanted to come up

But all that was just a warm up for the night dive on Maaya Thila, which produced a constant supply of White Tip Reef Sharks, and Grey Reef Sharks, Moray Eels, Red Snapper and a very friendly but large Black-blotched Ray that were all using our dive lights to hunt on the poor Fusiliers who were trying to hide from our light beams. At the end Enrico also found 3 Stonefish all snuggled up on top of each other in a small crack in the reef. A great 73min night dive from which no one wanted to come up.

Although the Mantas were not in as large a supply as we had hoped the trip was a great success, and all clients left with big smiles after a good week of diving. It must also be noted that the weather was incredible, not a drop of rain all week, and the sea was as flat as a Pancake. In fact it has not rained for over a month in Maldives, which is very rare considering its supposed to be Monsoon.

Until next time, Happy Diving
MV Orion Team

MV Orion Trip Report – 30th July to 6th August 2012 is a post from: Maldives Blog

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Hulhumalé – The Liveaboard Launchpad

August 7, 2012 Posted by admin

Wherever you want to go in a liveaboard, most journeys begin on the aquamarine blue lagoon of Hulhumalé. It’s very hard to believe that this beautiful island isn’t natural, but manmade, down to every single tree planted all over the island.


In 1997, after much deliberation and drawing of several master plans, Hulhumalé started to take shape as a mound of sand dredged out of the Hulhulé Farukolhufushi lagoon. Where there were just two islands – the airport and the Farukolhufushi Island, which was developed as a resort – there now are three.

This wasn’t just a whimsical development. Malé, the capital island had been gathering population from all corners of the country steadily over the past decades, and desperately needed to grow, beyond the limits to which it had already expanded by reclaiming land from the small lagoon around the island.

Hulhumalé, just 20 minutes away by ferry and 5 minutes by speed boat, was the best solution, after Vilingili to the west, which had already reached saturation. Now, 15 years later, the phase one of the expansion has come to an end. Although most of the policies that govern the development of the island has changed over the years, the main idea is for Malé city to become the pride and joy of the island nation.

Hulhumalé, along with the Gulhifalhu “Eye of the Maldives” Project, is a major part of the Urban Development Program unveiled in late 2010, which involves connecting the capital municipalities with a bridge.

Hulhumale Hulhumalé – The Liveaboard Launchpad

Ariel View of Hulhumale


Liveaboard life…

Your arrival into the Maldives will give you a glimpse of Hulhumalé, as it is adjacent to the runway of the international airport. You can either hop onto a ferry to Malé and take the Hulhumalé shuttle from there, or take the bus or a taxi to Hulhumalé, which will travel via the causeway that connects both islands. The latter is of course less stressful especially if you’re travelling with a lot of luggage.

Depending on your itinerary or the company you chose to arrange your vacation with, you will either be lodged at one of the beachside inns on the eastern edge of the island or taken directly to your safari vessel. If it’s the former, you’ll wait for your vessel to be ready while spending a couple of days acclimatizing to the Maldivian weather while hitting the white sandy beaches of Hulhumalé and visiting the capital island for some sightseeing and shopping for any essentials that you may have forgotten, like sunscreen, swimsuits or dive gear.

Hulhumalé has several cafés and department stores where you can look for munchies for your trip around the islands on the safari. The lagoon of Hulhumalé is on the western edge of the island, where you can see dozens of safari vessels moored. Dinghies drop and fetch visitors at the jetty, which is also a stone’s throw from the Hulhumalé ferry terminal from where ferries leave to Malé island.

There are a couple of dive schools on Hulhumalé, who take travelers on day trips to nearby dive spots, but as your safari of the Maldives involves extensive diving, these schools can be helpful if you’re new to the Maldives and can’t wait for the dive cruise to begin.

While there aren’t plans to develop the lagoon as a marina just yet – most probably because during rough weather, the lagoon gets a bit choppy – there definitely will be a marina at Gulhifalhu.


Hulhumale2 Hulhumalé – The Liveaboard Launchpad

Liveaboards docks in Hulhumale


So what’s the deal about Hulhumalé?

Hulhumalé is in stark contrast with every other island of the Maldivian Archipelago. Nowhere else are the roads paved with asphalt, for one thing. The roads are quite regularly spaced, and are wide and well thought out with parking spaces at intervals: something that Malé island desperately needs.

Hulhumale5 Hulhumalé – The Liveaboard Launchpad

The contrast becomes even more evident when you visit Malé. Pavements are so narrow that people walk single file, that is, until it suddenly vanishes! There’s neither rhyme nor reason to the urban sprawl of Malé, stopped only by the very edge of the house reef that was filled up in the 90’s.

Coniferous trees line the avenues on the eastern and western edge of Hulhumalé, providing an effective wind break for the city, while all the streets inside have trees that pop like umbrellas, shading most of the streets. Solar lighting was piloted here, and most of the streetlamps are autonomous, providing an ambient glow to the city, not too bright, unlike Malé, which is lit like a Christmas tree every which way with orange sodium vapor lamps that would be more at home in an industrial zone.

Hulhumalé has very sparse traffic, and while there is a hospital and schools, most people exhibit the typical Maldivian speed of extra leisurely, something that is absent in Malé. Parks and undeveloped land abound, and children and adults alike wander in the evenings to play and chill out at dusk.

You might want to check out the barbeque area on the northern edge of the island, a designated area for people to have fun after sunset, mixing food and fire. The barbeque area overlooks the island of Farukolhufushi, the island that shares the lagoon with Hulhumalé. This island has been the Club Faru resort for quite a while. The master plan of Hulhumalé involves filling the entire lagoon all the way upto and beyond Club Faru, adding to the existing 188 hectars of land and opportunities for national and foreign investment.

The island still is in a state of flux; development is still happening at a very rapid pace. About a thousand apartments in residential complexes will be completed later this year, and will support more than 4000 residents from Malé in the central part of the island, while private properties are being developed at a rapid pace along the beachfront on the east. Land to develop hotels are up for bidding, which will all come together to form one of the most modern cities in the popular Indian Ocean travel destination that is the Maldives.

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Hulhumalé – The Liveaboard Launchpad is a post from: Maldives Blog

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