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Experience Holidays in the Maldives by

February 10, 2012 Posted by admin

The Maldives are an island country consisting of many small islands in the Indian Ocean.  If you’ve seen those computer wallpapers of crystal blue waters and beach paradises that look almost too beautiful to be real, you may very well haveIsland Safari 2 Royal Divers 580x866 Experience Holidays in the Maldives by    been seeing images taken from the Maldives.  The water here is bluer then even your dreams of it, and there are plenty of quiet beaches are the islands to enjoy.  There really are so many reasons to spend your holiday in the Maldives!

Draws of the Maldives

The main draw to this tropical paradise is the ocean and sea life.  Diving is something that is not to be missed, as there are over 700 different fish to see under those blue waters!  The waters are such a big draw that many people even forgo the traditional hotel stay and instead stay aboard high-class ships that allow them to go as far out as they please.  There are small cozy vessels and some ships that can accommodate nearly 20 people, which work great if all your friends decide they want go on the holidays to the Maldives!  Many of these boats are like hotels on water, as they have all the amenities like soft beds, air conditioning and even a bar.  If you are looking online for more information do a search for “liveaboard diving”, as that is what it is called when you stay aboard the ship while diving for several days.

There is still more to do outside of the diving on your holidays to the Maldives.  Sunbathe on the quiet beaches while you sip tropical drinks and smile as you are living the dream.  You can play in the surf, or even be a kid for a little while and build a sand castle.  Don’t forget fishing too!  There is day and night fishing, as well as normal game and big game fishing to enjoy.  Of course island hopping and shopping are always a must when on vacation!  You can buy everything from trendy bags, to handmade jewelry and local produce.  Just know that some items are not allowed to be exported, such as anything made from red coral.

Daytime and Nighttime Amenities on Your Maldives Holidays

beachBBQdeco2 300x199 Experience Holidays in the Maldives by    Holidays to Maldives can also include a spa day, complete with a relaxing massage.  If you are looking for excitement instead, then check out flights on seaplanes to explore an isnland or an underwater adventure with a submarine ride!  If you are looking for intellectual excitement, then be sure to check out the National Museum located in the Sultan Park, which houses many amazing artifacts.  If you are searching for cheap holidays in Maldives, know that night swimming, dancing on the beach at sunset and stargazing are all fun and free to enjoy every day.

If you are looking for Maldives holiday offers then check out our own site,, for more information.  We also have a best price guarantee!!  Learn more about Liveaboard travel, as well as more activities that can be done in the Maldives.  There is so much to do, see, eat, and enjoy that this is sure to be one of the best holidays you’ll ever have!  Learn more about our offers and book your dream vacation for 2012 today!

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