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June 29, 2011 Posted by admin

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Introducing the MV Aquarius – The New Frontrunner in Liveaboard Cruisers

June 21, 2011 Posted by admin

Maldives Dive Travel proudly introduces the MV Aquarius, the latest addition to our fleet: A majestic high-tech vessel offering rebreather diving, double-tanks and a thrilling sense of adventure, the Aquarius offers unparalleled recreation and scuba diving features. Starting in August, this 101 foot liveaboard ship will be cruising the waters of the Maldivian islands, enabling scuba divers and dive safari enthusiasts to reach much greater distances than the current norm.

galileo maldives 1 1248909530 Introducing the MV Aquarius   The New Frontrunner in Liveaboard Cruisers

Maldives Liveaboard – MV Aquarius

Refurbished in 2011 with the most modern on-board technology and diving equipment, it is for this very reason the Aquarius can reach destinations not usually attainable with other ships, and state-of-the-art technology like underwater stabilisers and rebreather diving facilities allows divers to explore the stunning depths of the Maldives in greater detail.

The MV Aquarius will without a doubt become a frontrunner for liveaboard dive safaris in the Maldives, so be sure to reserve your spot for a unique dive experience of a lifetime.

MV Aquarius Details

The Aquarius measures an impressive 101 ft. in length and is 25.5 ft. wide, providing ample space for generous interior and exterior facilities. Constructed in the year 1998 it was fully refurbished in 2011; it holds up to 16 guests at a time, excluding the crew of 10. With two turbo-diesel engines, the cruising speed lies at 12 knots, and with Lloyd Standard certified security features like a 48 mile radar, autopilot, 3 independent steering systems, auto-inflating rescue rafts and strong search spotlights, this vessel is supremely equipped for high waters. Further features of the Aquarius MV at a glance:

Aquarius 1 300x225 Introducing the MV Aquarius   The New Frontrunner in Liveaboard Cruisers

The MV Aquarius on a Maldives Dive Safari

  • Water Supply: 2 desalination plants on board
  • Power: 220V / 50Hz supplied by 2 diesel generators
  • Dhingy: Zodiac with outboard engine
  • Extra Diving boat (Dhoni): 60 ft. dive dhoni, fully equipped for scuba diving
  • DAN first aid box, oxygen, fire extinguishers, life vests
  • 2 auto-inflatable rescue rafts
  • Yacht-Control-System
  • Bord Radio System
  • Automated fire extinguishing system in engine room
  • Fire hose connections on all decks
  • Life vests and signal lights in every room
  • First aid equipment in ship and Dhoni
  • Rope cutter on propellers

But the Aquarius doesn’t just score high on safety, she also offers a great range of top recreational facilities; with sound systems on all decks, DVD player, wide-screen projector, satellite TV and internet access, the MV Aquarius guarantees you will find your time both on and off board a pleasant and enjoyable experience. And to make sure you keep those vivid memories for the future, all rooms are equipped with power sockets, and there are docking stations for cameras, video recorders and the like available on the main deck.

Diving Information

Imagine gliding along deep in the Maldivian waters when you see hundreds of sharks approaching close to you, yet you remain undetected due to the absence of water bubbles from your rebreather scuba tanks. The rebreather involves using oxygen and recycled exhaled air from the diver. As a closed circuit system this is more space efficient, as well as making the diver lighter and more compact. You can last for longer underwater, and sink to much deeper regions thanks to this sophisticated technology, and not worry about time while you admire the underwater marine life.

Check out the following video of a scuba diver swimming alongside a Maldives grey reef shark.

Liveaboard dive safaris aboard the MV Aquarius are sure to be popular along the south where there is an abundance of deep drop offs and ship wrecks. The diving equipment on this ship is remarkable; following are a few of the exclusive perks of travelling with the Aquarius:

  • Twin Tanks with Isolated Manifolds on board
  • Haskel Booster Pump for O2 and Helium, allowing easy and hassle free filling of mixed gases
  • Evolution & Inspiration Rebreather bottles on board so clients don’t need to bring their own, thus saving weight
  • Softner Lime for Rebreathers available for sale on board
  • O2 cleaned Stage bottles and Stage rig kits

Dive Cruise Info

The MV Aquarius is active this season from 1st July 2011 – 30th April 2012. Starting July, the Aquarius will be sailing Monday through Monday at following cost:

p/p/n $ 185
Single occupancy $ 259
Full charter 16 guest max. $ 2.590

There is currently a special offer for travellers in large groups; with a group of 16 guests, number 15 and 16 are free of charge.

The price includes accommodation in air-conditioned cabins with windows, en-suite showers (hot water) and toilet. Bath towels provided along with full board, meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea, coffee and water are available free of charge at all times. Soft drinks and liquor can be purchased at the well-stocked bar. There are 17 dives during a seven night safari (including check dive and a special night dive, tanks with DIN/INT, lead belts, and the use of the extra diving boat. Guidance is provided by a qualified and highly experienced English-speaking dive guide, helping you to feel relaxed and secure in the care of a seasoned professional. You can also enjoy the use of fishing gear – local style, including hook, fishing line, weight and baits. Also on the agenda is a picnic on an uninhabited island (depending on weather and route), where you can enjoy some delicious local cuisine and if you are lucky, even experience a spontaneous traditional drum and dance session.

Sunset Beach Picnic  600x401 Introducing the MV Aquarius   The New Frontrunner in Liveaboard Cruisers

Sunset Beach Picnic

Not included in the price is bed tax: US$ 8 per person, per night and only payable on board. The fuel surcharge, that is to say if the crude oil price on the international markets reaches USD 100/barrel, US$ 6 p/p/n will be charged on board. Any domestic flights, air fares and/or airport taxes are also not covered in the package price. You can bring your own dive/snorkel equipment, or you can choose to hire them on board. Bear in mind the use of US Dollars is widely accepted, along with the local currency the Rufiya. Dive & travel Insurance is also excluded.

Cruise Details

Currently there are three liveaboard cruise offers running on the Aquarius from August 2011 to April 2012. Each cruise is tailored to a different route around the Maldives, and benefits from seasonal perks with regards to the very popular and unique marine life.

manta hovering over divers 300x400 Introducing the MV Aquarius   The New Frontrunner in Liveaboard Cruisers

Scuba Divers Catch Sight of a Manta Ray

1. August – October: “Manta Madness”

Male, Baa, Rasdhoo, N. Ari Atoll. There is an abundance of Manta Rays at this time of year along this exact route. For all scuba divers interested in this fascinating creature, don’t miss out on a chance to witness phenomena like the manta feeding frenzy. You can read more about manta rays on our page on Maldives marine life.

2. November & December: “Best of Maldives”

Male, Rasdhoo, Ari, South Male Atoll. This liveaboard cruise encapsulates all that is fascinating about the Maldives. With dives at various world-renowned dive spots populated with whale sharks, turtles and clownfish to name a few, this cruise is perfect for exploring the Maldives both above and under water.

3. January – April: “Southern Sharks”

Addu, Foammulah, Huvadhoo (Guests Fly to Addu (Gan), and fly out from Huvadhoo (Kaadedhdhoo). New guests fly into Huvadhoo, out from Addu, alternating each time. Addu is notorious for boasting an abundance of manta rays and ship wrecks. Foammulah is the home to numerous tiger sharks and silver sharks, and along the entire route you may even spot several whale sharks. Diving amongst these imposing creatures is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

For more info about cruise schedules and reservations contact us right here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Introducing the MV Aquarius – The New Frontrunner in Liveaboard Cruisers is a post from: Maldives Blog

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Dive Safari Maldives – the Experience of a Lifetime

June 14, 2011 Posted by admin

When planning a Maldives dive safari, scuba divers usually have a lot of different questions that they need answering. So, we’ve put together this Maldives diving safari question and answer list. It should come in very handy when planning all the details of your diving safari in Maldives.

TH MDT ship11269307373 Dive Safari Maldives   the Experience of a Lifetime

Dive Safari Maldives

What is a Maldives Dive Safari?

A Maldives dive safari is a holiday spent living on a dive boat known as a liveboard with a group of scuba divers. Maldives safaris tend to last anywhere from five to 21 days and will take you to some of the best dive spots in the country. On a typical diving safari in Maldives, you can expect to do two or three dives each day.

What Can I Expect to See on a Maldives Safari?

Think of a Maldives dive safari as you would of an African safari in the Serengeti. Only underwater! There are many varieties of marine animals and fish that you can expect to see, which range from small reef-dwelling fish to enormous rays and sharks. The waters of the Maldives are some of the most exciting in the world from a scuba diver’s point of view, but there are a handful of animals that have people flocking to the Maldives in the hope to catch a glimpse or – even better – dive alongside with.

manta hovering over divers 300x400 Dive Safari Maldives   the Experience of a Lifetime

Manta Ray Hovering Over Divers

Much like the ‘Big Five’ of an African safari, divers in the Maldives really hope to see whale sharks, manta rays, moray eels, grey reef sharks and turtles. The really great thing about a Maldives safari is that spotting the ‘Maldivian Big Five’ is somewhat easier than the African equivalent and all these species can be found in the Maldives throughout the year. In fact, there are very few scuba divers who complete a Maldives diving safari without spotting at least four of the ‘Big Five’.

In order to see the ‘Big Five’, you will need to visit plenty of different dive sites, all of which are interesting and visually stunning in different ways. Each dive site is renowned for a different kind of fish or animal and your crew will design a Maldives safari route that is sure not to disappoint. The exact route you take will depend largely upon what time of year you visit the Maldives, but the experienced divemasters and boat captains know these waters like the back of their hands and do their best to take you to the best spots, taking into consideration the season and the precise weather conditions. Currents in the Maldives can be strong and have a significant effect on the movements of the marine life, so this local knowledge is truly indispensable.

What is the best Maldives dive safari boat?

It’s impossible to say which is the best dive safari boat in Maldives because every person has different requirements and tastes. There really is a live-aboard cruising safari in Maldives to suit every budget and taste, from the utterly glamorous MV Orion and the Island Safari 2 Royal Maldives to the beautiful and comfortable Black Pearl Maldives safari liveaboard.

Panoramic suite 300x200 Dive Safari Maldives   the Experience of a Lifetime

Panoramic Suite – Dream Catcher II

All liveaboards are equipped with private bedrooms, each of which has an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and external windows. The more luxurious ships sometimes offer private balconies, bathtubs and even Jacuzzis! All liveaboards offer a further selection of common areas, including lounge rooms, restaurants and bar areas, outdoor sunbathing areas, television rooms with selections of movies on DVDs and internet access. Of course, every ship is different, so make sure that your liveaboard offers the facilities you need before making your reservation.

Can I learn to dive on a Maldives diving safari?

Most diving safaris in the Maldives are designed for experienced scuba divers, so you definitely need to check this in advance with the individual dive boat. Nearly all dive safari boats in the Maldives offer a selection of PADI courses, but most of them are designed for people who are already qualified as Open Water Divers and simply want to further their studies. Be sure to ask in advance!

UW landscape 600x450 Dive Safari Maldives   the Experience of a Lifetime

Stunning Marine Life Seen on Maldives Dive Safari

Is it possible to book a last-minute dive safari in Maldives?

Definitely! In fact, this is probably the best way to book your Maldives diving safari as long as you don’t mind waiting until the last minute. By booking a last minute dive safari in Maldives, you’ll probably get the best possible price. The other time you’ll find a real bargain on your Maldives safari is if you book your dive holiday quite some time in advance.

How much does a Maldives dive safari cost?

Maldives safari prices vary with the time of year, the Maldives safari boat you choose to stay on and how long you go for. Typically, one of the more basic boats will cost around USD $150 per person per night, while one of the more luxurious boats will cost USD $250 per person per night. Maldives safari prices are inclusive of accommodation, transfers between the airport and the boat, all meals and all dives (2 or 3 dives per day). Extra costs include equipment rental in case you don’t have your own and alcoholic drinks: all liveaboard safari boats have a full bar, offering a wide variety of international spirits and draught beers, but these are charged at an additional cost.

How do I book a diving safari in Maldives?

The best way to book a Maldives diving safari is online. Maldives Dive Travel is a leading provider of diving safaris in the Maldives and has plenty of information on its website, including online Maldives brochures for safari, news and information about special offers and deals on last minute diving safaris. The site is regularly updated and offers a great variety of background information to get you ready for your trip. When you are ready to book a safari cruise in the Maldives, contact Maldives Dive Travel through their website, indicating which safari dive in Maldives you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you quickly with confirmation of prices and availability.

It’s really simple and we can have your dive safari in the Maldives booked within minutes! Contact us now to book your scuba diving trip of a lifetime.

Dive Safari Maldives – the Experience of a Lifetime is a post from: Maldives Blog

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Fish in the Maldives – Fascinating Marine Life in a Stunning Habitat

June 1, 2011 Posted by admin

One of the biggest attractions of the Maldives to scuba divers and other holdiaymakers is the sheer quantity of fish found in the Maldives. There are thousands of types of fish in Maldives, from large pelagic species to small, reef-dwelling fish and everything in between. Indeed, the largest species of fish in the world, the whale shark, can be found living in the Maldives throughout the year, attracted by the immense amount of plankton that also inhabits the stunning waters of the Maldives. Of all the fish found in Maldives, the whale shark is probably the species that attracts the most visitors to the island nation.

clown trigger fish 600x450 Fish in the Maldives   Fascinating Marine Life in a Stunning Habitat

Fish in the Maldives

Common Fish of the Maldives

It would be impossible to mention all the Maldives fish species in this article, so we’ll focus on the most common fish of the Maldives. To the scuba diver, the most frequently-spotted fish are the parrotfish, triggerfish, clownfish, sweetlips, wrasse and sharks.

Parrotfish in the Maldives

The parrotfish is a brightly coloured fish that is drawn to the Maldives’ coral reefs. The parrotfish is a common inhabitant of coral reefs throughout the tropical oceans and is one of the most popular fish in the Maldives thanks to its bright attractive colours and interesting markings.

Check out this breathtaking clip of a scuba diver amongst a huge wall of fish.

Triggerfish in the Maldives

The triggerfish is another of the most frequently seen marine fish in the Maldives and, just like the parrotfish, the Maldives trigger fish is colourful and fascinating to look at. There are several species of triggerfish in the Maldives, including the Titan triggerfish, which is commonly seen around the Madives islands. However, unlike the parrotfish, triggerfish are not the friendliest of marine life and can be extremely territorial, especially when guarding their eggs.

The Titan Triggerfish would seem to be the most aggressive variety of triggerfish and when feeling threatened by intruding scuba divers, they will respond by ramming the diver and sometimes even resorting to biting. They have powerful jaws and can reportedly bite chunks out of a diver’s suit or fins. If you see a triggerfish in the Maldives while scuba diving and the fish begins to approach you quickly, the best advice is to move away calmly and quickly in a horizontal line. In most cases, divers inadvertedly come too close to a Titan triggerfish’s nest and they stop their aggressive behaviour as soon as they are left alone.

Clownfish in the Maldives

clown fish 2 300x225 Fish in the Maldives   Fascinating Marine Life in a Stunning Habitat

Clown Fish

The colourful clownfish, made famous by the movie Finding Nemo, is another favourite Maldives fish among scuba divers and is one of the most common types of fish in Maldives. The bright orange and white fish is also known as an anemone fish because of its symbiotic relationships with sea anemones and there are plenty of varieties of this fish in the Maldives.

Generally speaking, the clownfish is a friendly, harmless fish, but can become quite protective around sea anemones, even occasionally biting people. This is most likely to happen to people who are trying to capture the clownfish for their aquariums – the only real threat to the clownfish population.

Sweetlips in the Maldives

At many dive sites in the Maldives, you are likely to come across massive schools of sweetlips fish around the Maldives reef. The most common variety of sweetlips in the Maldives are the oriental sweetlips, characterised by blue/black and white stripes along its body and yellow facial markings. When swimming in a school, these Maldives marine fish make a simply breathtaking sight. One of the best dive sites in the Maldives for spotting oriental sweetlips is the Manta Point in North Male Atoll where divers are also likely to enccounter bullseye fish, napoleon wrasse and manta rays.

Wrasse in the Maldives

napoleon 2 300x225 Fish in the Maldives   Fascinating Marine Life in a Stunning Habitat

Napoleon Wrasse

There are many different species of wrasse in the world, and several species are present in the Maldives. The most common pelagic fish in the Maldives is the napoleon wrasse which can be found at many different Maldives dive sites and is quite an impressive looking Maldives fish. The napoleon wrasse, which is also known as the humphead or maori wrasse, can reach the enormous size of 2.5 metres (6 feet) and is generally blue/green in colour with some spots and interesting markings.

The size of the napoleon wrasse is often under-appreciated and until you see one of these impressive Maldives marine fish in person, or see a photo or video of a napoleon wrasse alongside a human, it is difficult to appreciate how large they actually are.

Sharks in the Maldives

There are many different types of sharks in the Maldives which make it a very attractive scuba diving destination, especially since the types of sharks in the Maldives are generally considered to be non-agressive. For scuba divers, the most commonly sighted sharks in the Maldives are the grey reef shark and white tip reef shark.

The whale shark, the largest fish in the world, is another special fish found in Maldives and is seen on the surface, making it a popular sight among both scuba divers and snorkelers. You can find out more about sharks in the Maldives at

List of Fish in Maldives

It’s difficult to find a comprehensive list of fish in Maldives because there are simply so many. Nevertheless, there are books available and you will find key information about the most common types of fish in the Maldives on the many scuba diving and Maldives-related websites. The best way to get a feel for the varieties of Maldives marine fish is to look at pictures and information about reef fish in Maldives.

By watching plenty of videos before you book your diving holiday in the Maldives, you’ll begin to get excited about the kind of things you can expect to see underwater here and if its a diving destination that interests you. For most scuba divers, the Maldives represents the ultimate diving destination thanks to the stunning coral reef formations, and seemingly endless types of fish in the Maldives.

busy fish life at dropoff 300x225 Fish in the Maldives   Fascinating Marine Life in a Stunning Habitat

Busy Fish Life in Maldives

Conserving the Fish of the Maldives

All the types of fish in Maldives are in some way threatened. While most of them are not on any endangered species list, with the exception of the sharks, there are significant threats to their habitat and subsequent existence. Growing concerns over climate change and increasing water temperatures, the Maldives’ coral reefs, home to many of the fish of the Maldives are under more pressures every day. There are many conservation projects underway in the Maldives to protect not only different Maldives marine life species, but also the coral reef itself.

When in the Maldives, you will most likely come into contact with people working on initiatives to protect the coral reef and keep the Maldives fish’ habitat clean and safe. Clean-up dives are often offered to tourists and there are always plenty of opportunities to get involved and volunteer. So, why not make you next trip to the Maldives a truly unforgettable experience by giving something back to the ocean and the many fish around the Maldives.

Fish in the Maldives – Fascinating Marine Life in a Stunning Habitat is a post from: Maldives Blog

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